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How an abacus work

The abacus is an old Asian tool for calculations that is still used in schools today, as it has proven itself a very useful tool when developing your math skills. Its based on a top section and a bottom section … Continue reading

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The new Leap, hand tracking for PC and MAC

Gesture control for PC and Mac is finally on its way to the market with the new product Leap from Leap Motion. Finger tracking with infrared LEDs and two cameras enables easy control of various desktop application. The device is … Continue reading

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Neural engineering for dummies

To get started with neural engineering without paying for really expensive equipment the company Backyard brains have provided a simple solution. Their starter kit and instruction videos enables anyone to setup and remote control a cockroach, among other things. Combined … Continue reading

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View over the Endeavor crater

With the 3000 days celebration of the exploring of Mars surface with the mechanical vehicle Opportunity, Nasa has released a compiled image of the Endeavour crater. The full resolution can be downloaded and studied from Nasas homepage or from this … Continue reading

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Engineering music

When milling just isn’t enough, one can add another dimension to it. By controlling the frequency of the motors the machine can be used for playing tunes. And what can be more suitable than the MacGyver theme?

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The Egg-bot printer

For all the Easter enthusiasts in the world a new gadget has appeared on the play field: the Egg-bot, developed by the site Evil Mad Science. It can print on pretty much any spherical surface and comes as a “build … Continue reading

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Face lift of public transportation

The biggest issue with public transportation, other than being expensive and stressful, is that it’s always late. This problem has however been solved by the speed fanatic Paul Stender. His latest creation is a jet powered school bus with a … Continue reading

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Constructed for a purpose

When something is created it always has a purpose,  no matter how insignificant it may seem.

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