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Basic Abacus function

A good video tutorial of basic functions for an abacus have been published on youtube by Lindblå Läs och Skrivutveckling. This is a good starting point for anybody wanting to learn how to use an Abacus to improve their arithmetic skills. More … Continue reading

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Exclude objects in CodeSys

In the development environment CodeSys the user sometimes has to exclude libraries or other objects from the build, for example when faced with error code 3700 or other circumstances with duplicated libraries. For CodeSys version 2.3 this can be done … Continue reading

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Google play tablet filters for applications

As recently announced on the Google I/O 2013, there has been an update to Google Play filtering strategy of Android applications. Applications not specifically identified as designed for tablets will not show in search results in Google Play. To achieve this … Continue reading

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How an abacus work

The abacus is an old Asian tool for calculations that is still used in schools today, as it has proven itself a very useful tool when developing your math skills. Its based on a top section and a bottom section … Continue reading

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Getting started with Android SDK

It’s relatively easy to get started with the Java development for Android applications, and here are a short guide to how to set up the development environment. Download the program Eclipse, which is an open source development platform for Java … Continue reading

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Templates in NX

Due to the shortage of comprehensive online information on the mechanics behind the templates for the 3D cad software NX Unigraphics, this is an attempt to at least increase the number of explanatory efforts available in the marshes of the … Continue reading

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