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First self healing polymer

A team of researchers has managed to manufacture a self healing polymer that doesn’t need added heat, pressure or other external catalysts. The discovery was published in Materials Horizons in 2013 and a video is available demonstrating the process. A … Continue reading

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Cubli – The balancing cube

This is why you should study classic mechanics and control theory:

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Offroad Gocart

For the vehicle enthusiast there now exists an electrical offroad gocart with four wheel drive that sure looks to be a lot of fun in bumpy terrain. The current price tag of 79 500 SEK are in parity with what … Continue reading

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Neural engineering for dummies

To get started with neural engineering without paying for really expensive equipment the company Backyard brains have provided a simple solution. Their starter kit and instruction videos enables anyone to setup and remote control a cockroach, among other things. Combined … Continue reading

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Swarm technology

Professor Vijay Kumar and his team have come quite far in the field of swarm control. With their tiny quadrocopters they take the cooperation of technology to a new level. Some of his research is available from www.roboticsproceedings.org on subjects … Continue reading

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From BigDog to Cheetah

The robotics company Boston Dynamics have recently broken the land speed record for walking robots with their new four legged Cheetah, which looks like an advanced version of their previous model BigDog. Reaching 29 km/h on a running track the … Continue reading

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Human exoskeleton suits

The once futuristic Iron Mans robotic suite from Marvel is no longer just fiction. Development has in this area finally caught up with science fiction thanks to the complete robotic exoskeleton for humans, XO2, developed by the company Raytheon. And … Continue reading

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Templates in NX

Due to the shortage of comprehensive online information on the mechanics behind the templates for the 3D cad software NX Unigraphics, this is an attempt to at least increase the number of explanatory efforts available in the marshes of the … Continue reading

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German engineering in the sky

By studying the flight of seagulls the German automation company Festo has managed to create a birdlike robot, SmartBird, that is powered by wing strokes rather than propellers. A cleaver piece of engineering that uses lightweight materials to make this … Continue reading

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Modern vinyl concept

The korean Rhea Jeong has come up with an interesting concept for a vinyl player: a hovering one. He calls it the Void LP player. The red ball is the motorized record player with the speaker and all built in, … Continue reading

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