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Universal language chatt S7xTS

The Swedish production company Dinahmoe has released the S7xTS voice chat that bridges language barriers. Every thing you or the other participants say is displayed in a language of your choice. A nice piece of computer engineering for chrome users. Test it at s7xts.dinahmoe.com

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Bike around in Google Street View with jDome

The Swedish company Division by Zero have developed a product to help disabled and demented people to virtually bike around in society with Google Street View. An exercise bike with steering have been integrated with their existing gamer screen jDome, … Continue reading

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Tribute among giants

Great respect is earned when the loss of true geniuses are hailed even among adversaries. Steve Jobs passing is a huge loss to the modern technium, and Googles subtle tribute is admirable. Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

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Historical competition between Sweden and Norway

Between the two neighboring countries Sweden and Norway there has always been some kind of sibling like competition over which nation is the greatest. The smaller Norway with all its wealth, oil and alliances compared to the slightly larger Sweden … Continue reading

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