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Active speed bump on Öresund bridge

The active speed bump Actibump is now beeing installed on the Öresund bridge between south of Sweden and Denmark. Its placed in the payment stations to ensure that vehicles keep the 30 km/h speed limit when passing through. It’s an … Continue reading

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Horse week at Linköping pub De Klomp

Whether  its a response to the recent Findus food scandal with horse meet in the lasagna or if its a way of  taking locally produced food to the next level is hard to tell. But the dutch inspired pub De … Continue reading

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Actibump dynamic speed bump

An active speed bump, Actibump, developed by product developers in Linköping are currently being tested close to Linköping University. With a static edge as the shock absorber for the passing vehicles the mechanical parts are spared from the collision. And the law abiding road … Continue reading

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