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Cubli – The balancing cube

This is why you should study classic mechanics and control theory:

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Motion to movements

Disney research recently published a mechanical design approach to 2D motion in characters. Basically it solves a desired circular path with the right amount of gears and leavers. Together with a 3D printer the step to reality have never been … Continue reading

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Steampunk insects

UK artist Tom Hardwidge have his own collection of home made pets: steampunk insects. Outside Manchester in England he creates his little life forms out of gears, ammunition, and whatever else that might come in handy. His collection is on … Continue reading

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Old mechanics in modern technology

The woodcarver Rob Smith from UK have incorporated classic mechanics with modern technology in a most beautiful way in his work. The ancient look in his different creations brings the thoughts to tales about civilizations that never learned the secrets … Continue reading

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Constructed for a purpose

When something is created it always has a purpose,  no matter how insignificant it may seem.

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The beauty of walking

The engineer and kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen has invented a fairly simple walking mechanism that has enabled him to create the strandbest’s, creatures of plastic that “feeds” on the wind. Whatever definition of a creature one prefer, it’s quite fascinating … Continue reading

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