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Low cost printed displays launched in Sweden

Thin and flexible displays that are manufactured with a printing process is now launched by a cooperation between the companies OEM Electronics AB and Acreo Swedish ICT AB. The display is so cheap that it can be integrated into disposable packages showing … Continue reading

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Downhill on Swedish housing market

It’s always dangerous when a trend becomes a truth in everyday peoples eyes. Suddenly something is a fact just because it has been the same way long enough. The SvD writer Andreas Cervenka brilliantly defines the dangerous transition from faith … Continue reading

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Historical competition between Sweden and Norway

Between the two neighboring countries Sweden and Norway there has always been some kind of sibling like competition over which nation is the greatest. The smaller Norway with all its wealth, oil and alliances compared to the slightly larger Sweden … Continue reading

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Extraordinary travel accommodations

Sleeping in a hotel made of ice doesn’t cut it any more, as the alternative ways of running a hotel has exploded during the last couple of years. There even is a homepage for travelers who feel that their lodgings … Continue reading

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